Welcome to Amersfoort

Things to do in Amersfoort?

There are so many things to do in Amersfoort! Come enjoy a cruise through Amersfoort, with the Waterlijn, Go to one of the many events or festivals , experience what it is like to shop in the historic center of Amersfoort or grab a bicycle and explore the beautiful countryside. Amersfoort has it all!


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A map with information about Amersfoort can come in handy. Download the map or get it for free at tourist information. 

Virtual Tour

Take a sneak-peak at the historical city with this virtual tour!

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Tourist Office Amersfoort

Your visit starts here! walk in (Breestraat 1, Amersfoort), call (033- 465 94 44) or mail (info@vvvamersfoort.nl).