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Amersfoort best hotelcity 2015

Based on reviews from visitors trivago.nl

''The best Dutch hotel City of 2015 is Amersfoort. Together, the Hotels in Amersfoort have the highest average ratings of the Netherlands''. Trivago, the global search engine for hotels, reported this, based on reviews from visitors. Amersfoort scores better and better both national as international. the Telegraph recently showed that Amersfoort was placed 8 in the top 10 city trips and Amersfoort is rated as 1 of the 10 best destinations in the Netherlands by visitors of TripAdvisor. The city was mentioned in the Trip Advisor Travellers Choice 2014 '.

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Things to do in Amersfoort?

There are so many things to do in Amersfoort! Come enjoy a cruise through Amersfoort, with the Waterlijn, Go to one of the many events or festivals , experience what it is like to shop in the historic center of Amersfoort or grab a bicycle and explore the beautiful countryside. Amersfoort has it all!


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Amersfoort Citycard

Discover the beautiful city of Amersfoort with the Citycard! Visit museums, get on a cruise or walk through the city with a guide.


A map with information about Amersfoort can come in handy. Download the map or get it for free at tourist information. 

Virtual Tour

Take a sneak-peak at the historical city with this virtual tour!

Tourist Office Amersfoort

Your visit starts here! walk in (Breestraat 1, Amersfoort), call (0900-1122 364 € 0,50 p/g) or mail (info@vvvamersfoort.nl).