Shopping in Amersfoort

Amersfoort is a real shopping city. You will find a variety of shops, ranging from large chainstores to boutiques, trendy little shops, delicasies and art galleries. Whatever you may need, Amersfoort has it.

Shopping streets

The Amersfoort city center is chockablock with fun shopping streets. Do check out Krommestraat, for example, where it’s not the big chain stores but little bistros and artisan shops that rule the roost: there’s chocolate, children’s books, vinyl records, or model trains to be found. Or you might want to take a peek in Schwitzner, a fabric store that has been located here since 1900!

Then there’s Langstraat, which, as its name suggests, is some 500 meters long. Traversing the old inner city, it starts at the historical Kamperbinnenpoort and ends on the Pigs Market (Varkensmarkt). In fact, the street is so long that simply no one can possibly fail to find the outfit of their choice there!

There’s also Joris Square (Jorisplein). If you walk via the Passage towards this square, you will be passing loads of interesting small shops on your way. Once you get to the square, all the main chain stores and department stores are represented on a single attractive square.


For hustle and bustle and an array of artisan products, Amersfoort is offering a variety of markets.


A map with information about Amersfoort can come in handy. Download the map or get it for free at tourist information.

© Huib Dommers

Shopping with kids

There are lots of shops to visit shopping with children.


© Huib Dommers


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