Court of Almshouses


Pothstraat 16
3811 JL Amersfoort
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It is thought that there was a sacred brotherhood in Utrecht in 1307 that handed out food to the poor. A similar brotherhood is believed to have operated in Amersfoort at that time. The brotherhood was also involved in nursing people who suffered from the dreaded plague. Patients were not allowed in the city and had to stay at the plague house in the court. The last plague epidemic was in 1667.

The Sint Rochus Chapel is the oldest building in this complex. Sint Rochus was the patron saint against the plague. Laid around the chapel, the churchyard was used to bury the victims of this disease. The complex includes a large main building, which includes an upstairs room, trustees’ room, bakery, and ‘distributing room’. It also included a small house for wealthy plague patients who could stay there if they paid. If there was no plague epidemic, people were allowed to live here for free. The current court of almshouses developed from this between 1879-1904, with 49 housing units intended for the poor and elderly.

Nowadays the chapel is used for Bible readings for the almshouses inhabitants and consecration of marriages.