Inspecter Delictus


VVV Amersfoort
Breestraat 1
3811 BH Amersfoort
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Get to know the city in an exciting way.

Scan QR codes, find clues, text answers and solve the mystery. Some valuable artistic treasures have been stolen from the local museum. Inspecter Delictus is investigating the case. He urgently needs your help. What was the licence number of the get-away car? What are the spoils worth? Who is the perpetrator? Was it Helpful Harry, or Silent Willy? Can you solve the mystery? Set off armed with the case file and your own phone. Inspecter Delictus sends you to locations to collect clues. You can collect these by scanning QR codes and answering the questions. The inspecter keeps you informed of the investigation via text message and you can also report your findings.

Can be played without a leader:

  • Suitable for groups (1 to 5 persons per set)
  • Takes approximately 2 and a half hours
  • 4-5km walking
  • Can be played alone
  • Map and hints are included
  • Can be played on your own phone (roughly 35 texts to be sent)
  • Includes complete case file/game set
  • Can be expanded by doing extra activities

The game can be bought at the VVV/tourist information office for €16,95.