Het Spuihuisje


Grote Spui 27
3811 GA Amersfoort
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The Spuihuisje (little lock house) is a unique location for city lovers. Who wouldn’t enjoy a few days getting to know vibrant Amersfoort?

It is wonderful to spend the night at this romantic spot after a long, intensive wedding. The Spuihuisje is located next to the Koppelpoort, where many newlyweds have had their wedding photos taken. Or just a night away, no reason needed, without children, to enjoy each other, the house and Amersfoort!

The house is located on the Grote Spui 27, in the very heart of Amersfoort, next to the famous Koppelpoort. A small national monuments, which has now been fully restored. Whilst maintaining all original and authentic details, the house offers a warm, comfortable and modern interior, in a fantastic location, for two (maximum 3) people to spend the night.