Theater Film Café de Lieve Vrouw

De Lieve Vrouw has everything for a night out with friends! It is located on an entertaining square in Amersfoort. With three cinema screens, a theater room and a nice cafe, the Lieve Vrouw is one of the few places in the Netherlands where theatre, film and hospitality unite under one roof.

Come inside for a cup of coffee and a piece of homemade apple cake and look around you. In the Lieve Vrouw, a lot of beauty is united! In the medium-sized, intimate theatre room, contemporary theatre companies put of plays, as well as dancers, comedians and world musicians.

In the three cinemas, new films are played every day. On Monday afternoons, the premiere films are published which will play on Wednesday and Thursday. In the Lieve Vrouw, enjoyment is the goal and therefore there are no breaks, popcorn or adverts.

The Lieve Vrouw offers everything: theatre, film, music and youth theatre.

Opening times

  • daily


  • Payment options: PIN