The Elleboog Church


Langegracht 36
3811 BW Amersfoort
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The Elleboogkerk (literally ‘Elbow Church’) is a neoclassical hall church which is 33 metres tall, situated on the Langegracht. The church was formerly known as the Church of Our Lady’s Ascension). The church dates from 1820 but was devastated by fire on 22nd October 2007. It has since been fully restored.

The base for the church was originally laid by Father Gabriel. In 1638, he founded the little chapel in his sister’s house on the corner of Langegracht and the Kromme Elleboogsteeg. In 1783, building work started on the new church, in the form of a hall church with three naves. This church was half as high as the building which stood on the site at the beginning of the 21st century.

In 1820, the facade was given the appearance which it would keep for the subsequent years. In 1853, the Elleboogkerk was given the position of parish church. In 1920, the church was given stained glass windows and pared down. In 1933, the Virgin Mary was restored to a place of honor by the parish of Amersfoort. A few years later in 1938, she received a replacement for the 15th century statue of Mary. Interest in the the Virgin Mary declined in the early 1960s.

In 1963, the parish merged with the nearby St Fransiscus Xaveruiskerk aan ’t Zand and the church was withdrawn from service. The loaned Mary statue moved along with it.