Museum Bunker Leusden


Langesteeg 2 A
3831 RZ Leusden
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The Grebbelinie is a military defence line which dates back to the second half of the 18th century. It was a water line, that for the most part was combined with a embankment. Here, the army could dig themselves in in trenches and bunkers, in order to attack the enemy with bullets and grenades. The Grebbelinie runs in a line from Rhenen to Spakenburg over Leusden territory. Because of this, the military line had considerable influence over the war history in this town, especially during the Second World War.

The German artillery bunker on the Langesteeg has a large relationship with the surrounding area, where, in 1945, the fighting with the Allies took place. In fact, it is an open-air museum, where the old camp site of the Germans can also be found. The bunker itself is a simple concrete structure, and its walls are two metres thick. It also has a door and a hole through which the enemy outside could be shot at. Inside, it has an area of 6 by 3.5 metres squared and a height of 2.30 metres. It is a beautiful spot to start a small museum.



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