Castle Groeneveld

Rich regents held sway at Castle Groeneveld in the past, but now it is the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation. The 18th-century manor and the extensive estate attract many visitors every year. Castle Groeneveld has housed the National Centre for forest, nature and landscape since 1982. In 2007, this name changed to ‘Estate between Town and Country’. The estate on which the castle stands has recently be restructured to represent the garden around the turn of the century; namely an English garden style landscape. It is the ideal terrain for hikers and nature lovers. In the park, there is a hiking trail laid out and a treasure hunt for children. The 18th century kitchen garden has also been maintained in its original state. It is situated next to the driveway to the castle.

There is a grand cafe situated in the castle where you can get coffee, high tea, a drink or lunch. The kitchen uses biological products and is open from 11:00-1700.


General Accessibility

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