St. Joriskerk (Church)

St. George’s Church was consecrated in the 13th century. By now only the tower still includes elements from the initial period. In 1340 a large part of the city centre burned down, including an important section of St. George’s Church. During its reconstruction period the church was extended considerably, and visitors can now walk a full circuit of the tower while inside the church. The current shape of the church dates from 1534. The church houses many objects of interest: three organs, a rood screen (choir fence), a 16th century sacristy, a baptistery with late Gothic entrance, murals, and vault paintings which largely originate from the Middle Ages. The gravestones are mostly from the 17th and 18th century, and there is a memorial stone for Jacob van Campen who died in 1657 and is best-known for building the Amsterdam town hall, currently the Royal Palace on the Dam. He often stayed at his manor Randenbroek near Amersfoort.

Opening times

  • Open to visit between 10-05-2016 and 22-10-2016 on tuesday up to saturday.


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