Canopy Trail party

Do you dare? The cool parties at Out in Action? Do you love action and suspense? Do you love a challenge? And do you finally want to do something different for your birthday?

The boardwalk, the Spinnenweb (‘spider web’), the moving tree trunks and the Paalbos (‘pole forest’). These are just some of the many challenges which you will meet on our altitude trail at 8 or even 11 metre heights. And then comes the final part, the 100 metre long zip line or the free fall of 11 metres. For the altitude trail, you must be at least 1.30 metres tall.

A cool party which takes between 2 and 2,5 hours. Food and drink are included. The minimum number of children is 8 and there must be an adult mentor accompanying them. The mentor can join in for free.

Laser games, solving a kidnapping, archery or a cool scooter tour; these are all possible at Out in Action! Do you have something to celebrate? Come have a cool celebration with us.

The children’s parties at Out in Action are organised by XL Adventure.