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Amersfoort Citytour (English spoken)

Visit Amersfoort with our local guides!
Amersfoort is a beautiful medieval city in the center of the Netherlands. What better way to discover all her secrets than to take part in a citywalk through Amersfoort with one of our local tourguides?

Highlights of the tour
Amersfoort was founded in the year 1259 and has been very well preserved.
During the tour, we will show you:
• the almost 100 meter high tower of Our Lady Mary
• parts of the old city fortifications and citygates
• Muurhuizen (Wallhouses, dating from the 16th century)
• an abundance of narrow streets, alleys, moats and canals and lovely squares to relax after the tour.

We will tell you our favorite stories:
• why we built a beautiful church and lost it
• how the city was once saved by a smart idea of it's women
• how beer became one of the bare necessities of medieval life
and many other fun facts!

So join our tour and experience how the centuries suddenly seem to disappear when you wander around Amersfoort!
The Sunday tours are bilingual (English & Dutch).

Private tours
Are you in Amersfoort on another day then Sunday? Then book a private tour with us!
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  • Adult€5.00 Please sign up in advance, we meet 10 minutes before departure at the Tower
  • Payment options: Cash