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Royal Route into the Woods

This route firstly goes through the polder district, and then runs through the beautiful woods around...

2 hours 36 minutes (44.3 km)


Amersfoort is the most photogenic city in the Netherlands.

1 hour (2.6 km)

Stadswandeling Amersfoort

1 hour 30 minutes (4.5 km)

Tweedehands en Vintage winkelroute

2 hours 30 minutes (9.3 km)

The Treek Route

The Treek-Henschoten estate in one of the largest private estates in the Netherlands.

1 hour 55 minutes (32.7 km)

Wandelroute Eemland

2 hours 30 minutes (8.0 km)

Fietsroute “De Stijl”

1 hour 30 minutes (15.0 km)

Eem Route

This route starts by sending you over the dyke along the Eem river.

1 hour 53 minutes (32.7 km)

Amersfoort, Eemdijk and Baarn

Cycle from Amersfoort through the beautiful polders of the Arkemheen-Eemland National Park to the castles...

2 hours 25 minutes (41.5 km)

De Verjaardagsroute

1 hour 50 minutes (5.4 km)

Nijkerk, Eemdijk and Amersfoort

Endless vistas, green meadows and grazing cows.

3 hours 4 minutes (52.0 km)

KunstKwartier Amersfoort

30 minutes (1.7 km)

The Grebbelinie

A beautiful cycle through the polders and lake districts.

2 hours 59 minutes (50.9 km)


(1.2 km)

The Gelderland Valley Route

The valley in Gelderland is a district between the hills and ridges in Utrecht to the west, the Lower...

2 hours 59 minutes (51.0 km)


1 hour 15 minutes (2.3 km)


2 hours 30 minutes (3.5 km)


(1.8 km)