Nature lovers

The City and region of Amersfoort offers a beautiful green environment. Around the city center you'll find large parks and gardens where you can take a relaxed walk. The area offers several nature areas as the Gelderland Valley, the Veluwe, the Utrecht Ridge and Arkemheen-Eemland. In these areas you can admire expansive forests, moors and sand drifts. The area is suited for cycling and walking, and you can choose between several routes. View the nature areas, sights, cycling- and walking routes here!

Bicycle routes

Enjoy the nature during a bicycle tour!
Amersfoort and its region offers beatiful bicycle routes through various natural areas. There are many bicycle routes available for a fun day out! 

Natural areas

Experience nature
Amersfoort borders several beautiful natural environments.


Discover the history while walking
Amersfoort is the place to be if you love history.

Walking routes

Explore Amersfoort during a walk!
Get to know the city Amersfoort with a nice walk.

City tours

Discover the city with a cityguide, take a cruise or get abourd the tourist train!